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Amazon Cruises: A True Expedition
Travel Farther, Longer & with Fewer People

Voyage into the heart of the Amazon and explore its beauty and diversity up close. Aboard a small ship you'll have comfortable accomodations as you venture into the Amazon with experienced guides for your most memorable vacation yet! Whether you're interested in an active expedition, or would rather relax and observe the exotic wildlife - the Amazon in an unforgettable experience.

Our cruises are the most informative, active, and authentic trips in all of the Amazon. Why?

  • Authenticity: Our trips go beyond the tourist experience of most trips to the Amazon. We visit areas that are not visited by other groups and see flora and fauna that are almost never seen on other Amazon trips.
  • Active: Our cruises have several excursions off the boat every day. We venture out in our ship’s launches exploring quiet tributaries, we walk in the forest, stroll through small villages, and on some days we have optional kayak explorations of the flooded forest. Travelers can choose whatever level of activity they wish because we divide into smaller groups each with a guide. Our cruises are appropriate both for travelers who wish an active experience and those who prefer quiet thoughtful observation of nature.
  • Small Groups: We take a maximum of 18 (MY Tucano) or 31 (Estrella Amazonica) travelers. With our small groups, the cruises are more focused on the rainforest and, importantly, travelers can spend more time with the guides which makes it a much better experience.  
  • Comfortable Vessel and High Quality Service: Though not a luxury vessel, the M/Y Tucano is a comfortable and well appointed expeditionary vessel. All the cabins are outside cabins with private baths and air-conditioning. The vessel has style and elegance with lots of polished brass and varnished woodwork. We have a large crew that keeps the vessel clean and helps travelers in every way possible to enjoy the trip.
  • Highly Skilled Guides: Our naturalist guides are some of the very best in the Amazon. They are skilled bilingual naturalists and their experience helps passengers unlock the secrets of the magnificent wildlife of the rainforest.
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Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon (Six or Seven Nights)

This is a true expedition cruise that voyages deep into the Amazon rainforest. With a generous amount of time to explore, a good ship, a skilled crew, and adventurous passengers, we venture far into the Amazon rainforest wilderness and observe flora and fauna hidden to most visitors. The longer of the two itineraries spends one additional day at our farthest point of travel on the cruise.


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Disover the Amazon River aboard the Tucano 

The Amazon Odyssey (Four Nights)

This compact cruise is especially good for travelers who have a multi-destination trip within Brasil. It offers the essence of both the culture and wildlife of the Amazon and an authentic experience.


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 Explore the amazing Amazon rainforest aboard the Tucano

The Peruvian Amazon (8 Nights)

Enjoy unrivaled access to the Peruvian rainforest’s most pristine areas and the company of the river’s most knowledgeable guides.

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Monkey in the Amazon