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The MS Europa sails year round from Europe to North America, Asia to Antarctica.

MS Europa 2 – Your Exclusive Hideaway At Sea

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MS Europa is the flagship of the Hapag Lloyd fleet

7 - 2018 MS Europa 2 Departures

Cruise Code Itinerary Program Begins Program Ends
EUX1730 Miami to Colon 22.Nov.2017 06.Dec.2017
EUX1731 Colon to Valparaiso 06.Dec.2017 19.Dec.2017
EUX1800 Valparaiso to Buenos Aires 19.Dec.2017 05.Jan.2018
EUX1801 Buenos Aires to Cape Town 05.Jan.2018 16.Jan.2018
EUX1802 Cape Town to Cape Town 16.Jan.2018 30.Jan.2018
EUX1803 Cape Town to Mauritius 30.Jan.2018 13.Feb.2018
EUX1804 Mauritius to Colombo 13.Feb.2018 26.Feb.2018
EUX1805 Colombo to Benoa (Bali) 26.Feb.2018 13.Mar.2018
EUX1806 Benoa (Bali) to Laem Chabang (Bangkok) 13.Mar.2018 26.Mar.2018
EUX1807 Laem Chabang (Bangkok) to Hong Kong 26.Mar.2018 08.Apr.2018
EUX1808 Hong Kong to Singapore 08.Apr.2018 22.Apr.2018
EUX1809 Singapore to Colombo 22.Apr.2018 02.May.2018
EUX1810 Colombo to Abu Dhabi 02.May.2018 14.May.2018
EUX1811 Abu Dhabi to Dubai 14.May.2018 22.May.2018
EUX1812 Dubai to Limassol 22.May.2018 31.May.2018
EUX1813 Limassol to Venice 31.May.2018 12.Jun.2018
EUX1814 Venice to Palma de Mallorca 12.Jun.2018 24.Jun.2018
EUX1815 Palma de Mallorca to Monte Carlo 24.Jun.2018 04.Jul.2018
EUX1816 Monte Carlo to Palma de Mallorca 04.Jul.2018 11.Jul.2018
EUX1817 Palma de Mallorca to Lisbon 11.Jul.2018 18.Jul.2018
EUX1818 Lisbon to Hamburg 18.Jul.2018 29.Jul.2018
EUX1819 Hamburg to Hamburg 29.Jul.2018 17.Aug.2018
EUX1820 Hamburg to Kiel 17.Aug.2018 20.Aug.2018
EUX1821 Kiel to Hamburg 20.Aug.2018 01.Sep.2018
EUX1822 Hamburg to Dublin 01.Sep.2018 10.Sep.2018
EUX1823 Dublin to Hamburg 10.Sep.2018 19.Sep.2018
EUX1824 Hamburg to Lisbon 19.Sep.2018 02.Oct.2018
EUX1825 Lisbon to Gran Canaria 02.Oct.2018 12.Oct.2018
EUX1826 Gran Canaria to Gran Canaria 12.Oct.2018 19.Oct.2018
EUX1827 Gran Canaria to Cape Town 19.Oct.2018 04.Nov.2018
EUX1828 Cape Town to Mauritius 04.Nov.2018 16.Nov.2018
EUX1829 Mauritius to Colombo 16.Nov.2018 29.Nov.2018
EUX1830 Colombo to Singapore 29.Nov.2018 09.Dec.2018
EUX1831 Singapore to Singapore 09.Dec.2018 22.Dec.2018