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MS Europa 2 –  Golf cruises with the EUROPA 2

A Professional as a HostGuido Tillmans Golf Professional

With the EUROPA 2, you will experience some unique golfing moments – both when playing on selected greens and in training with our highly specialised PGA instructors. This is a completely exclusive experience. With a partnership going back over many years, the Professional Golfers Association of Germany and Hapag-Lloyd Cruises have forged a very close collaboration. You can benefit from this unique partnership on all golf cruises. The golf professionals from the PGA of Germany will be setting out to sea exclusively with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, providing top-quality service and personalised support for your game – both on board and on land 

Guido Tillmanns is the director of Golf & Cruise at Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. The former national player and current vice-president of the PGA of Germany has been assessing golf courses situated near ports for 12 years now and makes it possible for you to experience the most exciting greens in the world on our exclusive Golf & Cruise voyages.

Why is golf becoming increasingly popular as a sport?

“Golf combines sport with relaxation. The relaxation factor is remarkable. Golf can be learned and taken on as a lifetime sport at any age – regardless of how much sport you have done previously (if any).”

What is special about the PGA golf professionals on board the EUROPA 2?

“The PGA professionals with the best training in terms of methodology and organisation travel exclusively on ships of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. They have often proved their expertise as regional and national coaches and exclusively accompany guests on Golf & Cruise voyages. There is certainly no shortage of cordiality and warmth, since our PGA golf professionals are golf professionals and hosts in equal measure.”

What can passionate golfers expect from a Golf  Cruise Voyage?

“Quite simply, the best golf courses at each destination. And without the inconvenience of changing hotels. In addition, the exclusive support of a highly qualified PGA golf professional – and the kind of state-of-the-art training facilities combining game play and video analysis on board that you won’t find on any other cruise ship.”

Which requirements does a golf course have to fulfill in order to be featured on the Golf & Cruise program for the Europa 2?

“Due to our many years of experience in Golf & Cruise voyages, we know precisely what we and our guests expect from a Golf & Cruise voyage, and where we need to go. We expect only one thing from the golf courses we visit – the very best there is.

MS Europa is the flagship of the Hapag Lloyd fleet