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Grace - Southern Europe's Masterpieces - Bilbao to Barcelona
MS Europa Voyage 1325 -  October 21 - November 2, 2013

5% early booking discount if booked before March 25, 2013!

A fairytale-like legacy of the Moors against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada, an old Islamic metropolis which is nowadays home to Andalusia’s temperament or the mighty cathedral of Santiago de Compostela – look forward to magnificent moments in Spain. In Lisbon, charming alleys and tile-adorned houses testify to the history of the erstwhile seafaring nation. On board the EUROPA, the music of Flamenco and Fado, of passion and melancholy, fills the air. A beautiful late summer all around the Iberian Peninsula.

Highlights of this cruise

  • UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites: the historic district of Santiago de Compostela*, the Tower of Belem and the Monastery of the Hieronymites in Lisbon* as well as the Moorish residence Alhambra*
  • The former Caliphate of Cordoba*
  • Healing the soul with sorrow – Fado on board
  • Golf & Cruise voyage with comprehensive golf package*
  • New ports of call: Celeiro (Viveiro)/Spain, Seville/Spain

These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. Subject to changes.

Date  Destination
Mon, 21-Oct-2013  Bilbao/Spain, embarkation on the EUROPA.  Departure 19.00 hrs.
A prelude featuring modern art: Join the pre-cruise programme* and explore Bilbao and the wine-growing region Rioja.
Tue, 22-Oct-2013  Celeiro (Viveiro)/Spain, 8.00 hrs – 15.00 hrs
Where the River Landro empties into the Cantabric Sea lies Viveiro, inviting you to take a walk to its old town wall. The beauty of Galicia’s landscape* unfolds behind the settlement. Tall mountain ranges separate the autonomous region from the rest of the Spanish mainland, and in some cases tiny villages prove to be unaffected by tourism. The pristine natural scenery featuring rugged coasts and vast expanses is also fascinating. Sights which are well worth discovering.
Wed, 23-Oct-2013  Vigo/Spain, 8.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs
From Galicia’s most significant port city you will follow the call of James the Apostle as far as Santiago de Compostela*, the famous end of the Way of St. James. The mighty Roman cathedral with the ornate Pórtico de la Gloria is the destination of many pilgrims and, together with the enchanting historic district, constitutes a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Another church covered from ground to eaves with shells traditionally associated with Saint James will enhance your Galician impressions* on La Toja island.
Thu, 24-Oct-2013  Lisbon/Portugal, arrival 13.00 hrs
Via the Tejo, the EUROPA reaches Portugal’s capital city and stays for the night. The fascinating city built on seven hills can conveniently be discovered by tram* which rattles through the narrow alleys of the historic district Alfama with its tile-adorned houses. On the panoramic trip*, attractions such as the Tower of Belem and the Monastery of the Hieronymites await you, but also Europe’s largest aquarium – visit the Oceanarium*. You can also explore the charming “beauty on the banks of the Tejo“ actively by bike*.
Fri, 25-Oct-2013  Lisbon, departure 19.00 hrs
Sat, 26-Oct-2013  Portimao/Portugal, 8.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs
Relax a little on the beaches of the Algarve or set out for the undulating hinterland – the partially off-road safari* by all-terrain vehicle takes you up to the peak of Pico da Foia. En route, you may look forward to tasting the local schnapps at a distillery. During the excursion to Sagres, Lagos and Cabo de Sao Vicente*, the southern tip of the European mainland, you will encounter the traces of Portugal’s seafaring history. Those who love fine foods may wish to join the gourmet lunch at the Villa Joya*. Not only a feast for the palate, but also for the eyes – enjoy the marvellous views across the ocean.
Sun, 27-Oct-2013  Seville/Spain**, arrival 13.00 hrs
Flamenco, tapas and a fiery temperament – experience the essence of Andalusia by day and by night. Seville’s landmark is the Giralda, the bell tower of the largest Gothic cathedral worldwide. The former minaret impressively towers over you during a walk* through the city with its narrow alleys and elegant avenues. The erstwhile Caliphate of Cordoba* was once a thriving metropolis of the Islamic world. A time of which the more than 850 pillars in the prayer hall of the gorgeous Mezquita Cathedral – one of the biggest sacred buildings on Earth – bear evidence to the present day.
Mon, 28-Oct-2013  Seville
Tue, 29-Oct-2013  Seville**, departure 2.00 hrs
Wed, 30-Oct-2013  Malaga/Spain, 8.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs
In 2003, the Pablo Picasso Museum* with more than 200 of his masterpieces opened in Malaga – to the great delight of art enthusiasts. In the course of a walk*, the fortress of the Arab caliph of Malaga, Gibralfaro, testifies to the days of the Moors in Spain. The mighty cathedral in the historic district was built in the 16th century on the site of a mosque. In Granada, the fairytale-like palace of the Nasrids towers high in the air – the “red fort“ Alhambra* rises against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada. Its interior will thrill you with intricate Arabic architecture, trickling fountains and elaborate ornaments.
Thu, 31-Oct-2013  Cartagena/Spain, 8.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs
One of Spain’s most relevant seaports already facilitated active trading in ancient times. Following the trails of the Romans on foot*, you will encounter Cartagena’s amphitheatre dating back to the time of Emperor Augustus, which was only uncovered in the 1990s. In the valley of Rio Segura lies Murcia* with its well-preserved historic district. Nearby the river you can marvel at a wonderful Gothic cathedral with an impressive baroque-style facade. The city’s patron saint is venerated at the sanctuary La Fuensanta.
Fri, 01-Nov-2013  Relaxation at sea
Sat, 02-Nov-2013  Barcelona/Spain, arrival 7.00 hrs.  Disembarkation

5% early booking discount if booked before March 25, 2013!

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