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Expedition Solomon Islands and Micronesia: Mesmerized by the Magic of the Pacific
Lautoka, Fiji - Bali, Indonesia
MS Hanseatic - March 8 - 24, 2014
Voyage HAN1405

5% early booking discount if booked before August 24, 2013!

Mankind has been longing to experience the South Pacific since time immemorial. However, the entire beauty of nature in this part of the world is only revealed to those who travel beyond the familiar routes. Enjoy a truly special expedition premiere with the HANSEATIC which takes you to remote, magic island worlds. Here, you will have plenty of time to explore untouched beaches, lonely bays and lush rainforests – for a South Seas dream that could not be more authentic.
Date Destination
Mon 24-Mar-.2014 Embarkation of the MS Hanseatic in Lautoka/Fiji, departure 21.00 hrs
Tue 25-Mar-.2014 - 26-Mar-.2014 Relaxation at sea
Thu 27-Mar-.2014 - 30-Mar-.2014 Solomon Islands (Nendoe , Santa Ana Island , Uipi Island , Pirumeri Island
Insiders’ Tips for Discoverers: The Solomon Islands
The hidden Solomon Islands with their exotic charm can only be explored with a true expedition ship such as the HANSEATIC and her manoeuvrable Zodiacs. Visit their pristine beaches and look forward to encounters with cultures which frequently appear mysterious. You will experience the cordiality of the inhabitants for the first time when you are welcomed by the village elder on Nendoe. Following a Zodiac landing on Santa Ana Island, you will be equally thrilled by the wonderful white beaches and the genuineness of the locals. Only few visitors have the chance to witness the impressive welcome ritual of the warriors of the village of Ghupana with their spears. Uipi Island is another true insiders' tip far away from the usual routes in the remote island world – step into the Zodiacs and land in a lonely lagoon where you can snorkel and swim to your heart's desire against the backdrop of lush rainforest. On the tiny Pirumeri Island, you are free to immerse yourself in the life of the islanders with their colourful dances and their singing.
Mon 31-Mar-.2014 Relaxation at sea
Tue 01-Apr-2014 - 04-Apr-2014 Papua New Guinea (Rabaul, Garove Island , Kopar/Sepik Fluss , Wewak )
In the Realm of Fire on Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea, an archipelago consisting of more than 600 islands, owes many of its beauties to the untamed forces of the element fire. Even sailing into the port of Rabaul is spectacular – the little town is surrounded by six volcanoes, some of which are still active and emit mystic columns of smoke into the blue sky. Immerse yourself in Rabaul and its history * and visit attractions such as the volcanological observatory. Like Rabaul, Tabar Island belonged to the colony German New Guinea once upon a time. Here, you have the opportunity to go ashore on your own and get to know the fascinating lifestyle of the locals, who are great masters of canoe building and malangan carving.
Sat 05-Apr-2014 Relaxation at sea
Mon 07-Apr-2014 Relaxation at sea
Wed 09-Apr-2014 - 10-Apr-2014 Relaxation at sea
Sat 12-Apr-2014 Indonesia (Benoa/Bali), Arrival 8:00 am. Disembarkation. 

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore activities listed here are in the planning stage and are subject to changes.

A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition on the Amazon. The captain will decide on the best possible alternatives depending on the local conditions.

5% early booking discount if booked before August 24, 2013! ²


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