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Expedition Knowledge: Close Up Shots of the Far East
Kanazawa, Japan - Manila, Philippines
MS Hanseatic - September 30 - October 15, 2013
Voyage HAN1318

5% early booking discount if booked before March 2, 2013!

Knut von Hofmann, Asia expert, says: ‘Asia’s development is making waves in the world. But these countries are not just geographically distant – in cultural terms as well they are often remote and unfamiliar to us. On this “expedition knowledge” you will come to a new understanding of these fascinating foreign countries. Between temples, skyscrapers and unspoilt nature, a many-sided kaleidoscope of Asian life and thinking will unfold.’
Date Destination
Mon 30-Sep-2013 Embarkation in Kanazawa/Japan, departure 20.00 hrs
Tue 01-Oct-2013 Relaxation at sea
Wed 02-Oct-2013 Nagasaki/Japan, from 8.30 to 19.00 hrs
Big little giants 
Your days of discovery in the Far East start at the ‘Gateway to the West’. Thanks to its port, Nagasaki was for many years the most important trading centre in Japan. Fascinating insights into the philosophy of life of the island nation are offered on an Expert excursion – secrets of the tea ceremony* with Knut von Hofmann. You can find out more about the complex history of the city on an excursion to Nagasaki and the Dejima Museum*, when you will visit monuments that in their different ways recall the destruction of the city in August 1945.
Thu 03-Oct-2013 Cheju/Republic of Korea, from 11.00 to 18.00 hrs
You can experience the forces of nature on Korea’s volcanic island, Cheju. Discover this strange world Between craters and cultural history*, or you may prefer to opt for a Hike in the Manjanggul cave*, one of the world’s most attractive lava tunnels.
Fri 04-Oct-2013 Relaxation at sea
Sat 05-Oct-2013 Shanghai/China, from 6.00 to 18.00 hrs (depending on the tides)
China – the mighty dragon 
Why the Middle Kingdom combines tradition and modernity in an almost inseparable way is demonstrated nowhere more powerfully than in Shanghai. Colonial buildings sit enthroned between modern shopping centres, and skyscrapers tower into the skies alongside venerable temples. This symbiosis also makes it possible for you to experience fabulous art. On an Expert excursion – jade, silk and bronze* you will admire art and craft work at the Shanghai Museum, while the Expert excursion – China in the mirror of art* by contrast gives you the opportunity of viewing contemporary work. An air of colonial times may be sensed at the Astor Hotel, which you will discover on the excursion Shanghai – between nostalgia and futurism*, before you ascend what is the world’s tallest building today to get a breathtaking view of the pulsating megametropolis below.
Sun 06-Oct-2013 Putuo Shan, from 8.00 to 15.00 hrs
A Hike* on the sacred island of Putuo Shan gives you the chance of focusing on the more peaceful, religious side of China. More than 20 temple complexes are concealed in the forests of the island. The Expert excursion – Buddhism and temple architecture* takes you from the glorious Puji Temple to the golden Kwan Yin statue, which in popular belief watches over the welfare of sailors.
Mon 07-Oct-2013 Relaxation at sea
Tue 08-Oct-2013 Xiamen, from 8.00 to 18.00 hrs
Contrasts between past and future will again be encountered in Xiamen. While in the Roundhouses of the Hakka* a traditional lifestyle is still maintained, another Expert excursion gives you the opportunity of discovering Xiamen – China’s gateway to the world*.
Wed 09-Oct-2013 Hong Kong, arrival 18.00 hrs
The spectacular conclusion of your adventures in China is Hong Kong. You set out on an Evening tram ride and visit to the night market* to travel through a city that really never sleeps. The extent to which the futuristic metropolis is still rooted in ancient traditions will be revealed on the following day by Knut von Hofmann on his Expert excursion – feng shui and Taoism*. Or you may prefer to discover Hong KongIsland, Aberdeen and Victoria Peak* for a fascinating mixture of Asian and European culture.
Thu 10-Oct-2013 Hong Kong, departure 18.00 hrs
Fri 11-Oct-2013 Relaxation at sea
Sat 12-Oct-2013 - 14-Oct-2013 Philippinen (Batan Island , Hundred Islands , Subic )
Philippines – back to nature
Fabulous expedition premieres await you when you discover the Philippines with the HANSEATIC and its Zodiacs – small and hidden islands full of exotic nature, like Batan Island with its picturesque town of Basco (where we will land if the weather permits). Another untouched paradise is to be met with in the Hundred Islands. Luxuriously overgrown islets rise out of the azure sea, with fabulous white beaches inviting you to hours of relaxation, before you proceed to Subic to trace the Culture and history of the Philippines*. Or alternatively you can fathom The mysteries of the jungle* and so conclude a ‘expedition knowledge’ which has given you richly varied insights into the Asian world. 
Tue 15-Oct-2013 Manila/Philippines, arrival 6.00 hrs.  Disembarkation.

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore activities listed here are in the planning stage and are subject to changes.

A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition on the Amazon. The captain will decide on the best possible alternatives depending on the local conditions.

5% early booking discount if booked before March 2, 2013! ²


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