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Expedition Anrarctica with Antarctic Circle: Unforgettable Moments in the Eternal Ice
Puenta Arenas, Chile to Ushuaia, Argentina
MS Hanseatic - December 17, 2013 - January 7, 2014
Voyage HAN1400
5% early booking discount if booked before May 19, 2013!

Gigantic glaciers, majestic icebergs and an inconceivable diversity of species – the fascinating world of ice of Antarctica is a breathtaking habitat with a unique animal kingdom. Prepare yourself for spectacular expedition experiences beyond the boundary of civilisation.
Date Destination
Tue 17-Dec-2013 Embarkation of the MS Hanseatic in Punta Arenas
Wed 18-Dec-2013 Punta Arenas/Chile, departure 20.00 hrs
Thu 19-Dec-2013 Relaxation at sea
Fri 20-Dec-2013 - 21-Dec-2013 Falkland Islands
Fascinating Bird Paradise Falkland Islands
The Zodiac fleet is lowered into the water to set course for the Falkland Islands. Following several landings, the experts will accompany you on hikes through the dwarf shrubs and grasses typical of the islands. Marvel at the head-high tussock grass and the species-rich bird world – Rockhopper and Magellanic penguins will welcome you, and perhaps black-bellied storm petrels, silver teals, albatrosses or peregrine falcons might also suddenly take to the sky in front of you. In Stanley, the little capital of the islands greets you with a British ambiance.
Sun 22-Dec-2013 - 23-Dec-2013 Relaxation at sea
Tue 24-Dec-2013 - 26-Dec-2013 South Georgia
South Georgia – In the Realm of King Penguins
Flexible, spontaneous, impressive - the Zodiacs are in use several times a day to enable breathtaking expedition experiences and animal observations. For instance when you stand in front of a gigantic colony of king penguins; thousands upon thousands of these animals populate the slopes and coasts of the island. After spectacular landings on three intensive days, among others in Salisbury Plain and Gold Harbour, you will also encounter fur seals and ponderous elephant seals on the beaches of the rugged coast, while black-browed albatrosses and southern giant petrels are nesting in the rocks. Renowned experts including biologists, geologists or glaciologists accompany you and make your unique nature experiences even more profound with astounding details. Or they bring back to life the pioneering days of Antarctic research for you – at the former whaling station Grytviken, you can visit the grave of Sir Ernest Shackleton and recall the heroic efforts with which this man rescued his crew.
Fri 27-Dec-2013 Relaxation at sea
Sat 28-Dec-2013 - 04-Jan-2014 South Orkney Islands , Weddell Sea , South Shetland Islands , Antarctic Peninsula
How modern polar researchers work is something you will learn on the South Orkney Islands when, provided the weather is favourable, you visit the oldest permanently inhabited research station in Antarctica, the Argentinian station Orcadas (subject to approval). And with a little luck, you will spot majestic icebergs for the first time off the coast of Signy Island.
Breathtaking: South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula
Headed straight for adventure, your expedition takes you through the Weddell Sea. The ice scrunches and cracks against the reinforced hull of the ship, and it becomes increasingly easier to imagine the strains the pioneers of polar research had to endure. Where the weather and ice conditions determine the course, the experienced crew reacts flexibly and spontaneously to grant you unforgettable moments in the world of wonders of Antarctica. The experience defines the day as the HANSEATIC advances in a southerly direction. Look forward, for instance, to an incomparable start of the year in Paradise Bay - the glaciers tower several hundred metres tall and snow-covered peaks fringe the bay in which icebergs as high as houses are drifting. The team of experts accompanying you will reveal new worlds of knowledge to you and set foot on the Antarctic mainland with you if the weather and ice conditions allow for a landing. The Lemaire Channel is considered one of the most spectacular ship passages in the world – up to 1,000 m high mountains flank the waterway and appear close enough to touch in the mystic silence.
On the Trails of the Discoverers to the Antarctic Circle
The further south your voyage takes you, the more impressive the endless white all around you. On spectacular rides and landings with the Zodiacs, you will enjoy intense animal experiences like nowhere else when you watch Adelie and gentoo penguins, fur seals as well as petrels and, with a little luck, majestic whales in the Penola Strait. When we reach the Crystal Sound, the excitement on board increases – we are about to cross the Antarctic Circle. Beyond this legendary boundary, the HANSEATIC sets course for the Gullet Strait and once again makes full use of her ice competence – how far will the ship be able to advance in this inaccessible region? A true pioneering spirit fills the clear air on the deck and also accompanies you on the way back to the north, as you sail through the Neumayer Channel with its fantastic glacier panoramas and land on the lava beaches of the volcanic Deception Island. Here, you can take a bath in hot springs under the open sky.
Sun 05-Jan-2014 Relaxation at sea
Mon 06-Jan-2014 Cape Horn/Chile
The legendary Cape Horn marks the memorable finale of your cruise. If the weather and tide are favourable, we will set out for one last landing with the Zodiacs. You can subsequently walk up to the famous albatros memorial – and look back on an unforgettable Antarctic expedition.
Tue 07-Jan-2014 Ushuaia/Argentina, arrival 6.00 hrs.   Disembarkation

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore activities listed here are in the planning stage and are subject to changes.

A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition on the Amazon. The captain will decide on the best possible alternatives depending on the local conditions.

5% early booking discount if booked before May 19, 2013! ²


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Sail by Penguins and other wildlife as you cruise from Cape Town to Ushuaia.