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Expedition Voyages to Some of Central and South America's Best Ecotourism Destinations!

The M/V Sea Voyager is an experienced and versatile small expedition-style ship especially designed for the tropics.  Our new natural history adventures explore, in depth, the “Last frontier” of the Americas: Southern Central America and Northern South America. 

Our program operates year-round and presents extraordinary possibilities to immerse yourself in fantastic, wildlife-rich environs from your shipboard base. Our anchorages are in remote coves or off small villages. In addition to great wildlife viewing, you also have access to beaches with good swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking options. If you prefer, you can take time out to relax on board the ship and enjoy the tropical breezes. 

Sea Voyager Expeditions specializes in coastal Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador. We are thrilled to offer a program of inspiring itineraries that make for truly memorable voyages, filled with natural history and cultural highlights.

Come visit a Tropical Paradise

Colombia is the only South American country that has coastline on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Its snow-capped peaks, deserts with moon-like craters, lush tropical rainforests and pristine coral reefs provide an impressive display of spectacular scenery. Near Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park, there are about the same number of bird species as can be found on the entire North American continent. No other country has the diversity in birdlife that Colombia offers – 1,876 species in total. No other company is exploring both coastlines in depth.

Ecuador is one of only 17 mega diverse countries in the world, and provides habitat for fully 15 percent of the world’s bird species. We sail along the rarely visited northern coastline. Our vessel – the M/V Sea Voyager – was built for this region. She’s purposely designed to accommodate travelers with a keen sense of adventure. Our fleet of Zodiacs and kayaks allow you to explore quiet bays and rivers – or you may choose to relax on deck or ashore on a remote beach, it’s your choice.

Panamá, a true land bridge between two continents for wildlife and indigenous peoples, boasts an estimated 10,000 varieties of plants, 1,500 species of trees and more than 1,000 species of birds. The offshore islands and coastal areas have coral reefs that shelter a wide range of marine life. The San Blas Islands are home to the fiercely independent Kuna Yala indigenous people. Most of our Panamá itineraries include either a Panamá Canal transit or a tour of the canal locks.

The M/V Sea Voyager explores the Pacific coastline of this small, mountainous country between Nicaragua and Panamá which is often referred to as “the living Eden.” Over 25 percent of Costa Rica’s land has been set aside to safeguard its exceptional biodiversity. Wildlife-rich trails parallel the beaches, sneak up river valleys and seek solitary bays.

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