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Sable Island Cruise
St. John's (Newfoundland) - St. John's (Newfoundland)
Sable Island
Photo courtesy of © Parks Canada - J. Tompa
Aboard trhe Ocean Endeavour
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Sable Island
St. John's (Newfoundland) - St. John's (Newfoundland)

July 5 - 13, 2017
9 days / 8 nights on board

  • Sable Island’s wild horses are world-famous, but there’s so much more to this remote sand island off the coast of Nova Scotia. The world’s largest colony of grey seals breeds here, as does the rare roseate tern and the endemic Ipswich sparrow, among many birds of note. Amid the island’s forty-two kilometres of beaches, dunes, and bogs you’ll find a plethora of plants: from iris, to sundew, to wild berries in abundance. Whales and sharks ply the nearby waters.
  • Sable Island’s history includes shipwrecks and salvage; sealing and walrus hunting; rescue and research. Still, the horses remain the island’s most charismatic residents. Free to roam, they represent one of the world’s last wild equine populations and their spirited antics are truly a sight to behold. Now protected as Canada’s forty-third national park, Sable Island offers an experience unlike any other.

Cruise Highlights:

  • View one of the world’s last wild horse populations
  • See the rare Ipswich sparrow in its sole breeding ground
  • Photograph Sable Island’s many rare and beautiful plant species
  • Visit the world’s largest grey seal colony
  • Seek out marine mammals in The Gully, a Marine Protected Area


Sable Endeavour
Day & Port

Day 1 - St. John's (Newfoundland)

We meet in St. John’s - Newfoundland’s historic, vibrant capital. Picturesque and welcoming, with a world-famous harbour, St. John’s has been continually fished since 1498, allowing it to boast the designation of North America’s oldest European settlement. 

We will offer an afternoon city tour to those interested. Afterwards, we will rendezvous at the docks and board the Ocean Endeavour to begin the adventure proper. Passengers will meet the staff and crew, and prepare to leave the harbour. Sailing out of St. John’s has to be experienced to be believed; Signal Hill keeps watch over the world-famous Narrows as we head for open water, passing Cape Spear, the easternmost point in North America.

Day 2 - At Sea

Our presentation series will kick into full swing today as our expert resource staff delves into the fascinating history and ecology of Sable Island. While out on deck, keep your eyes peeled for marine mammals and seabirds in the rich northwest Atlantic.

Day 3 - 6 - Sable Island

Sable Island is the legendary location of hundreds of shipwrecks. The island is home to a population of feral horses, the rare Ipswich sparrow, seals, and seabirds in abundance. We’ll have a chance to meet some of the island’s handful of human inhabitants and learn about this unique habitat first-hand.Ocean Endeavour Newfoundland Circumnavigation

In the four days we will spend exploring Sable Island, expect to be dazzled by a natural habitat unlike any you have ever seen. The herd of wild horses for which the island is famous is a true highlight: we will observe them at their wildest as they race among the dunes. The sandy shores afford unmatched opportunities for Zodiac cruising, and you may expect to delight in observing the curious local seal populationas we do so.

The historic sites of Sable Island - the old shipwrecks and abandoned settlements - are of particular interest, as the island’s shifting sands hide and reveal different landscapes each day. This ecosystem is in true flux: the vegetation and habitats, as well as the human relics, are at the whim of the ever-changing dunes and we will spend our days exploring before the winds rise and hide all evidence of ourpassage. 

Photo Credit: Mike Beedell/Adventure Canada 

Day 7 - At Sea

At sea today, we will be crossing The Gully, a Marine Protected Area approximately two hundred kilometres off the coast of Nova Scotia and to the east of Sable Island. Here, the sea floor suddenly drops a dizzying two and a half kilometres into a submarine valley. The Gully is one of the most prominent undersea features in eastern Canada and its unique ecology has attracted the interest of many agencies, such as Parks Canada and Environment Canada. This is due to its significant coral communities, its diversity of both shallow and deep-water fish and its many whales and dolphins. 

As on our other days at sea, our resource staff will be on hand to deliver dynamic presentations. Out on deck they will assist passengers in spotting the myriad seabirds and marine mammals for which this area is famous. 

Day 8 - Saint - Pierre (France)

Explore Saint-Pierre, a last bastion of France’s colonial territories in North America. The island’s 6,500 residents are of varied descent including French, Basque, Breton, and Norman. 

Saint-Pierre’s architecture reflects its history: an eclectic collection of colours and style aligned on picturesque cobblestone streets and alleys. We will have time for a tour of the city and independent exploration in the surrounding area. Take advantage of this day in France to enjoy some wine and cheese, and unwind in a tiny slice of old Europe nestled into the North American coast. 

Day 9 - St. John's (Newfoundland)

After sailing through the Narrows, we will say our farewells and begin the process of departure. Staff will be on hand to assist you with luggage and transportation arrangements. 

Cruise Fares
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Cabin Category
Cruise Fares Per Person
Category 1 - Deck Four - Interior Cabin - four lower berths - private bath

USD $ 2,595

Category 2 - Deck Four - Interior cabin - three lower berths - private bath

USD $ 3,395

Category 3 - Deck Five - Interior cabin - two lower berths - private bath

USD $ 4,195

Category 4 - Deck Four - porthole window - two lower berths - private bath

USD $ 5,195

Category 5 - Deck Five - picture window - two lower berths - private bath

USD $ 6,195

Category 6 - Decks Four, Seven and Eight - picture windows (obstructed view) - two lower berths -or- 1 double bed - private bath - refrigerator

USD $ 7,295

Category 7 - Decks Five and Eight - large picture window (partial obstruction) - two lower beds -or- 1 double bed - private bath - refrigerator

USD $ 8,295

Category 8 - Decks Five and Seven - picture window - two lower berths- private bath - refrigerator

USD $ 9,295

Category 9 - Decks Five and Seven - picture window - two lower berths - private bath

USD $ 10,295

Category 10 - Deck Seven - picture window - two lower berths - private bath - refrigerator

USD $ 11,295

Discovery Fund Fee *




*Each area we visit has rich cultural experiences and wild treasures to offer. As guests, we have made a point of sourcing and supporting local projects in the areas through which we travel. A contribution from each passenger, in the form of the Discovery Fee, represents a portion of the money donated to ensure the longevity and success of educational, environmental and cultural initiatives in these regions.Book Now

Fares include:

  • All entry & park fees
  • Your complete itinerary
  • Team of resource specialists
  • Educational program and pre-departure materials
  • All shipboard meals

Fares do not include:

  • Commercial flights
  • Mandatory medical/evacuation insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Additional expenses in the event of delays or itinerary changes
  • Discretionary gratuities to ship's crew (approximately $15 per passenger per day)
  • Visas, or inoculations (if required)
  • Physician's fees confirming you are fit to travel
  • Any medical charges incurred while aboard
  • Possible fuel surcharges
  • $250 USD Discovery Fund Fee