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South America Cruises - Epic, Exotic & Enchanting


Discover paradise aboard a Central or South America cruise. Explore a wide range of amazing destinations and cultures, see lush rain forests, steamy beaches, snowcapped mountains, fjords and deserts, penguins, whales and other exotic wildlife. Whether you're seeking adventure or would rather relax on deck, basking in the sun, a South America or Central America cruise has something for everyone!

Explore glittering cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires or an unforgettable island paradise along the coast of Panama and Costa Rica and learn of lost cities, ancient civilizations and time-honored customs.

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Depart Disembark Itinerary Nights Cruise Code Ship
10-Feb-15 5-Mar-15 Ushuaia - Montevideo 23 BRE1503 MS Bremen
26-Feb-15 18-Mar-15 Ushuaia-Callao 20 HAN1504 MS Hanseatic
27-Feb-15 12-Mar-15 Patagonia & Chilean Fjords: Ushuaia (Argentina) - Valparaiso (Chile)  13 BOR42062 Boreal
3-Mar-15 25-Mar-15 Montevideo - Belem 22 BRE1504 MS Bremen
12-Mar-15 24-Mar-15 In the Wake of the Incas: Valparaiso (Chile) - Guayaquil (Ecuador)  12 BOR42075 Boreal
16-Mar-15 7-Apr-15 Callao-Belem 22 HAN1505 MS Hanseatic
22-Mar-15 12-Apr-15 Belem - Iquitos 21 BRE1505 MS Bremen
24-Mar-15 1-Apr-15 Central America’s Secrets: Guayaquil (Ecuador) - Puerto Caldera (Costa Rica)  8 BOR42087 Boreal
1-Apr-15 8-Apr-15 Panama & Darien Park: Puerto Caldera (Costa Rica) - Curaçao / Willemstad (Antilles Néerlandaises)  7 BOR42095 Boreal
4-Apr-15 25-Apr-15 Belem-Iquitos 21 HAN1506 MS Hanseatic
9-Apr-15 27-Apr-15 Iquitos-Belem 18 BRE1506 MS Bremen
22-Apr-15 9-May-15 Iquitos-Belem 17 HAN1507 MS Hanseatic
24-Apr-15 12-May-15 Belem-Puerto Limon 18 BRE1507 MS Bremen
6-May-15 16-May-15 Belem-Tenerife 10 HAN1508 MS Hanseatic
2-Oct-15 13-Oct-15 Treasures of Central America: Acapulco (Mexico) - Fuerte Amador (Panama)  11 BOR42279 Boreal
13-Oct-15 24-Oct-15 Natural Beauties of Central America: Fuerte Amador (Panama) - Callao (Peru)  11 BOR42290 Boreal
24-Oct-15 2-Nov-15 Along the Andes Cordillera: Callao (Peru) - Valparaiso (Chile)  9 BOR42301 Boreal
2-Nov-15 15-Nov-15 Chilean Fjords & Patagonia: Valparaiso (Chile) - Ushuaia (Argentina)  13 BOR42310 Boreal
15-Nov-15 30-Nov-15 The Great Austral Loop: Ushuaia (Argentina) - Ushuaia (Argentina)  15 BOR42323 Boreal
27-Feb-16 11-Mar-16 Patagonia & Chilean Fjords: Ushuaia (Argentina) - Valparaiso (Chile)  13 BOR42427 Boreal
11-Mar-16 23-Mar-16 Cordillera and Andean Treasures: Valparaiso (Chile) - Guayaquil (Ecuador)  12 BOR42440 Boreal
23-Mar-16 31-Mar-16 Nature Reserves in Central America: Guayaquil (Ecuador) - Puerto Caldera (Costa Rica)  8 BOR42452 Boreal
7-Apr-16 24-Apr-16 Colon - Lisbon: Colon (Panama) - Lisbon (Portugal)  17 BOR42467 Boreal


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