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What's your travel personality?

Take look below at the 6 types of travel personalities. Under each type, we've listed a few recommendations including destination regions, or specific itineraries. Whether you're a 'venturer' or 'authentic' or somewhere in between, we'll help you find the right small ship cruise to make your next vacation memorable!

The venturer is the spontaneous traveler, who wants to experience all they can from their vacation. Venturers prefer to blaze a new path, without a guide, itinerary, or group of companions. These travel enthusiasts like to visit unknown or uncommon destinations that have not been overwhelmed by tourists. Not speaking the language, doesn’t get you down, your adventurous spirit will help you communicate and get by. Venturers tend to love the physical challenge and freedom of exploring in their own bicycle, canoe or on foot.

Our recommendations:

Beautiful & untouched Antarctica!
Iceland - Discover Reykjavik, an untamed and facinating city.   
South America
- Embark in Peru and sail along the Western coast of South America, passing through the Panama
Canal and the Caribbean Sea, before disembarking in exotic Brazil.
India - Fragrant spices, bold colors and a culture rich in history will enchant you.

Mid Venturer
Your adventurous nature leads you to interesting and unique destinations that are off the beaten path: smaller towns and remote villages rich with history and culture. Like the ‘venturer’ you also enjoy exploring your surroundings, weather by biking, hiking, or walking, however it’s what you discover long the way that is appealing.

Our recommendations:
Turkey - Discover the azure seas and the islands of the Aegean.
Europe & Africa - Begin your journey in Marselilles and sail through the Strait of Gibraltar south along warmer coastlines and towards new cultures and experiences.
Amazon - Relive the opulence of the conquistadors in Manaus and visit the colonial palaces or venture out to meet the Amazon Indians and learn more about their villages and traditions.
Rivers of West Africa - See the amazing wildlife of West Africa as well as the traditional culture of its people.

Centric Venturer

You enjoy destinations with a lot to offer, but nothing overly commercialized. Comfort and quality are a must. You typically intersperse a favorite destination with new ones, but try to avoid some of the cities that are overcrowded with tourists. You enjoy the freedom of exploring a new destination, as well as relaxing with a book, or visiting a café.

Our recommendations:
Eastern Mediterranean - Immerse yourself in the East and the glorious history of countries where thousand-year-old traditions still exist.
Greece & Turkey - Sail to the sunny islands of Greece, and the historic Ephesus in Kudsadasi, Turkey.
Mediterranean -
Experience the Mediterranean in unmatched luxury aboard beneath the billowing sails of the Sea Cloud.
Central America - Bold colors and lush vegetation abound in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

Centric Authentic
You enjoy spending time with family and familiar places. You have a dependable nature and enjoy having a plan. Your ideal vacation also has a schedule and you know exactly where you will be visiting before you go, allowing you to learn about the destination prior to your trip. You enjoy guided tours ensuring you make the most of your time without the hassle or confusion of doing it on your own.

Our recommendations:
Mediterranean - You'll be enchanced by Southern Europe's cultures, climates, cuisines and friendly people!
Greece - Relax in the warm sun on the beautiful beaches or explore Europe's beginnings at historic sites in Athens, Delos, and Nafplion.

You have an easygoing nature in both your work environment and private life making you a great friend. When you travel you gravitate to warm destinations and stress free vacations. Guided tours and cruises are best as you will have pre arranged excursions with knowledgeable guides and quality meals provided for you. 

Our recommendations:
USA - Discover the East coast of Canada and the USA, sail from Toronto southwards to Miami, and visit Boston, New York, and Washington DC along the way!
- Take a tranquil vacation through the relaxed Caribbean islands. 

You prefer a structured, stable and predictable lifestyle. Friends, family and co-workers know they can rely on you to do what you say because you follow through on your commitments. You prefer escorted tours when you take a trip because they ensure that you'll see all of the important and interesting places with a knowledgeable guide, and because you also enjoy being around people with similar interests.

Our recommendations:
Caribbean - Relax under billowing sails and sunshine while meeting the friendly people of the Caribbean.
United Kingdom - Discover the Celtic culture: its origins, history and fascinating myths.